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ABOUT US Our History Sing Hiap Hin

Humble Beginnings

According to the late founder's families, Sing Hiap Hin came from very humble beginnings.

Our late founder, Mr. Lee Ah Eng arrived in Brunei with only a suitcase of clothes with only one goal in mind: to provide for his family in China. In the beginning, Mr. Lee worked at a bicycle shop, repairing bicycles for a living. After some time, his efforts were reinforced by his son and wife who also came to Brunei to help provide for the family back in the Mainland.

Through steady, consistent hard work, honesty and perseverence the family made enough to open their own bicycle rental store. Eventually the company grew slowly and expanded as the business was adapted though time, until where it is today.

Mr. Lee Ah Eng passed away in 2008, but his spirit lives on in our company's mission and vision: To continue to serve as an honest, loving and caring company, family and human being. 
Sing Hiap Hin located at No 16, Jalan Sultan, Brunei Town in 1958
Sing Hiap Hin was located at Jalan Sultan, Old Brunei Town in 1958