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GYS 065536 EasyMig 85

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GYS 065536 EasyMig 85

The EASYMIG 85 is a single-phase welding machine designed exclusively for gas-free flux-cored wire MIG welding. Very easy to use, the only setting that can be adjusted is the wire-feed speed. Recommended for welding steel up to 2 mm thick, the EASYMIG 85 welding unit is ideal for all types of work, even outdoors. Read more
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Manufacturer: France

Product SKU: GYS 065536



- Gasless flux-cored wire welding: Ø 0.6 and 0.9 mm (double-groove roller)

- Unaffected by external environmental disturbances (wind, etc.)

- Increased portability due to lack of bulky cylinder

- Welding Aid: wire-feed speed chart to help the user adjust the wire-feed speed (A) according to the thickness of the workpiece (B) and the diameter of the wire used (C)

- Optimised workstation cooling with thermal protection

- Overcurrent protected

- Compatible wire reel: Ø 100 mm - 1 kg

- Motorised wire-feed reel with two rollers

- Ultra light (5 kg)

- This practical and small device can be stored anywhere (shelves, cabinets, etc.)

- A handle strap/shoulder strap makes it easy to move around the workshop

For more info, please visit: https://www.gys.fr/pdf/datasheet/uk/065536.pdf


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