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GYS Pack 750 Booster Jumper

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GYS Pack 750 Booster Jumper

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Manufacturer: France

Product SKU: GYS 026353



- 2 in 1 : Starter & Power Supply

- Starts instantly motorcycle, car, camper van without risk to the vehicle electronics

- Supplies all electrical devices with 12 V DC, thanks to its 28 Ah internal battery

- Extra light to facilitate visibility during the operation

- Automatic charger 12V included

- Self Contained Starter: GYSPACK 750 instantaneously starts cars, camper vans, vans, petrol or diesel (Peak current is 750A/2500A)

- Power Supply: The powerful integrated 28 Ah battery turns the GYSPACK 750 into a very useful portable 12V power supply for many electrical devices: TV’s, light, laptops, etc

- Integrated LED Light: Suitable for use at night or in low-light environments, the GYSPACK 750 incorporates a light comprised of 7 powerful LEDs (7x 3.6W)

- Integrated Tester: The GYSPACK 750 has a display indicating the state of charge of the internal battery

- Automatic charger 230V /12V Floating: to charge the internal battery unsupervised

- Charge the battery up to 100%, maximising its life and efficiency

- Can be left permanently to the main (Gyspack has to be charged after each operation)

- On / Off switch button, to avoid misuse

- Alarm beep in case of reversed polarity

- Copper cables 2 x 1.30m, ø 25mm² with isolated 600 A clamps

- Equipped with two easily replaceable external fuses (replacement fuses included)

For more info: Please visit https://www.gys.fr/pdf/datasheet/uk/026353.pdf


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