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You can now purchase directly from our website!

Quickly search 🔍 keywords to find what you need with our search engine, pay and collect/deliver to your home!

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You can reserve your machinery or tools in-store!

To beat the crowds, you can buy online and pick it up from the store.

Look online first

The stock in our store can be overwhelming, so we recommend searching 🔎 online before you come in so you’ll know exactly what to look for. Write down the item number, and we’ll be able to track it down even quicker.

You might be missing the section with the best deals

If you don’t mind a little wear and tear, the As-Is section is your best bet. Returned items and pieces from our displays go there with massive discounts. You’ll find machinery or tools in good condition along items with missing pieces, so it’s especially good if you’re into DIYing.

We keep a schedule

Our As-Is section might only be restocked once or twice a month. Once you know that day, you might score the best items if you can make it in when the newest items were added. Don’t forget to check our Instagram for updates!

We aren’t here to hover

Some companies train their employees to check in with customers and encourage them to buy more, but that’s not how we’re trained. Don’t think we’re being anti-social if we aren’t talking to you—we’re waiting for you to come to us.

We have local deals

You might already know about our Last Chance Clearance and other company-wide sales, but check our online store’s site before you head out. You’ll be able to get a good discount deal for certain items when stock clearing is due.

We can test after you buy

To keep all items new for everyone, we strictly only test items only after it has been purchased!

We have a large network

Remember, for all automobile or machinery related products, just let us know what you need, our sales will check and quote you as soon as possible!

We’re blown away by how few people know we can source many things not in our online/offline stores. Just WhatsApp us at +6738345889 and we’ll help you source it!